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About the Project

Neddle is an open source, SCORM compliant learning management system (LMS) built on the .NET platform using C#.. Neddle was created to address the absence of a truly high-quality, commercial grade LMS in the OSS community. The project has several goals:
  • Create a viable open source alternative to paid LMS solutions.
  • Build a product that technilogically advanced, yet simple in its use.
  • Provide functionality and a user experience that is truly student and educator centric.
  • Include SCORM conformance that is actually useful.
  • Provide a rich set of course authoring tools and third-party tool integration options.
  • Fit well with a wide variety of training paradigms, including corporate training, institutional teaching, and commercial services.
  • Build vibrant on- and off-line communities around that platform.
  • Keep installation, management, and use and use of the product by non-technical end users as simple as possible.
  • Provide tight integration with the host operating system, when appropriate.
  • Support OSS CLR implementations, e.g. Mono.
  • Provide workable options for use in shared and cloud hosting environments.
  • Provide tight integration with various platform products and LOB systems; including content management systems, shopping cart applications, customer relationship management tools, and merchant gateway services.
  • Feel good about giving something useful to the OSS community.
  • Have fun and learn.
We have other, longer term goals such as developing a solid installation package, adding mobile support, and possibly adding support for various cloud database platforms. We're also very much interested in eating our own dog food. Once a RC is ready, we will self-hosting training on all aspects of system use at the official project website.

How Can I Help?

Our project team is highly selective. At present, we're working through the initial architectural planning and low level development, and are not actively recruiting new developers. That said, if you're a .NET or SQL rockstar with experience building or extending LMS platforms or SCORM tools, please drop us a line. We do, however, desperately need someone to help with identity work, IA/design/UX work for the product itself, and design and production for the official project website. If you're interested, let us know.

Useful Links

Project Values
Our Toolkit

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